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Moon Cycle Mentoring 

As a woman, we are cyclic. It is a phenomenon that we are dealing with every day and every month. And besides the fact that we menstruate, we often know very little about it. However, our cycle includes so much more than solely ‘being on our period’ once a month.


Throughout the month a lot is happening with our hormones, which has a big impact on our body, mind and emotions.


Imagine that you could be conscious about this and that you can live in harmony with it. It gives you such a different quality of life. It brings you back to your essence, your own soft strengths. When you learn to become aware of the power of your cycle and start to use it as a compass, you will experience more energy, joy and confidence to meet your daily challenges.

It also gives you the tools to plan your life in a more balanced way, in order to fully exploit your potential.

For all the women who don’t have a cycle (anymore), you are also welcome. Besides our own cycle, we also have the cycle of nature and the moon that we can live by.

Are you ?

A woman, and: a partner, mother, employee, or entrepreneur?

Do you ?

* notice a lot of mood swings during your cycle

* struggle with expectations from yourself or the outside world

* suffer from pain during your menstruation

* want to get more out of yourself and your life

* have an other question concerning your cycle

Then the Moon Cycle Mentoring could be something for you.

It brings you:

* understanding of your feminine nature

* concrete tools to discover yourself during your cycle

* less pain and struggle in daily life

* more energy, joy and confidence

* the ability to plan your life more in accordance to yourself and your needs

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