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What a Private Mentoring session looks like

An introduction to the 4 different phases of your cycle, and how you are changing physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually during these phases.

Advice and an explanation about the optimal way to plan your daily activities during your cycle.

A healing of current blocks in your feminine energy.

In addition, you will go home with a concrete roadmap that will help you to get to know yourself during your cycle. It shows you the adjustments you could make in your daily life to live more in balance with yourself.

After one month we can make a new appointment to discuss what you discovered so far, and how you could move on.

A healing is always part of the session.

After 3 months there is already a pattern showing up, on how you function during your cycle. This is the basis for your compass through daily life.


Session of 120min.....    €89,-  // follow - up session 60min....   €60,- 

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