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Only for women: it already gives you a safe feeling without even being inside. Then you go in: to a tranquil space where you are treated from head to toe sooo smoothly...sooooo gentle! I left revitalised...and even my neck pain was gone instantly! Jori's has a very nourishing aura and I relaxed immediately. That allowed me to enjoy even more her long strong movements on my body! Exactly what I needed! Thank you so much Blossom! I'm coming back!

- Kleio, 38 years 

Jori is amazing. She really helps you taking your stress away. After her session I felt my body less heavier and I felt more relax and happier too. I totally recommend her.

- Irene, 26 years 

Whether you feel down or just need an energy boost or relaxation after work, this is, in my opinion, THE place to be. I do not treat myself with massages often, but I know a lot of places in The Hague, and this is the one I keep as Nr. 1. This amazing lady pampered me on my birthday, brought me back t life when I felt the most terrible. She also keeps a journal, so be sure she will note down all your complaints and will know the next time you are there exactly how to help you feel best!

- Diana 

Absolutely lovely and exactly what I needed, very serene setting and the massage was amazing.. will be back!

- Jeanelle 


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