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Fertility Massage 

Do you have the wish to conceive and did it not happen (yet) ? 

The Fertility Massage increases the chance to get pregnant.

It is a soft lower back & belly massage. 

It will help you to increase your blood circulation, to soften the tissues, to release the tension, to bring your uterus in the right position, to surrender in a deep relaxation, and it will invite you to restore the connection with this area. 

The Fertility Massage is also a good support during a ivf or iui treatment. 

* 1st time: consultation + massage 105min 105,- 

* after the first time: consultation + massage 90min 90,- 

Moon Cycle Massage 

Do you regularly suffer from digestive problems or your menstruation? Did you just had your baby, or a miscarriage ? An operation on your (under) belly?

Do you suffer from a burn - out? Do you want to recover from (sexual) abuse?  Or do you have difficulties to live your full creative potential? 

The Moon Cycle Massage is a soft lower back & belly massage. It helps you to improve your blood circulation,to reduce adhesions,to release the accumulated tension and invites you to restore the connection with this area. 

Digestive and menstrual complaints reduces or disappear. Scar tissue & emotional scars are softened. And your creative energy will come back alive!

The outcome in all cases is less complaints and more softness, vitality and space in this area. And above all, it will bring you back to your own strength. 


* 1st time: consultation + massage 105min 95

* after the first time: consultation + massage 90min €85

After Birth Massage

For all the brand new mama’s, how have just given birth to there little wonder. Your body did the most precious thing, by carrying your baby for months, and let it come into this world.

The After Birth Massage is a mini ceremony that helps you to restore and renew.

On the physical level, there is soft attention for your belly. Which will help your organs to find there original place again, and your tissues to restore, soften, relax en detox. In addition, the massage focusses on the rest of your body: your back, legs, feet, neck, shoulders and face. All, in order to pamper your body after so much effort, and to support it to regain her strength.

On the emotional level, the massage gives support in closing the phase of pregnancy and birth, and welcome you into motherhood.

Mothers who have given birth without complications, are welcome after six weeks. In all other cases you are welcome after consultation.

The massage is also suitable for mothers where the pregnancy was, for whatever reason, prematurely terminated.

* 120min.....€105,-

Pregnancy Massage - Inducing Labour 

For all the new mama's to be, who are patiently waiting for there little wonder to come, and would like a little natural help in the step towards labor.

The Pregnancy Massage - Inducing Labor, is a relaxing and sooting massage with an extra focus on trigger points that helps induce labor.

You will also go home with the knowledge of the trigger points, that you can massage yourself (or your partner), so that you have some tools during labor, to keep the contractions flowing.

Only for women who are 41+ weeks pregnant.


Lomi - Lomi Pregnancy Massage

Inspired on the waves of the ocean & the breath of the wind, this fluent and wavy massage will bring you in a deep state of relaxation. The Pregnancy Massage focuses on the body parts that needs the most attention during your pregnancy. Your back, hips, legs, and shoulders will be gently relaxed after the massage. 


Bloesem Massage 

The Blossom Massage gives you a feeling of profound relaxation, inner trust, and a sense of joy at the same time. The feeling that I call Blossoming! 

It is a combination of the Full Body Massage & the Feminine Energy Rebalance. 

It helps you to relax and reconnect to yourself, and to rebalance your feminine energies. 

* 75min.....€65,-  //  90min.....€80- 

Full Body Massage 

The Full Body Massage is a massage that is focussing on your needs at that particular moment in order to regain your sense of wholeness. 

Utilizing a specific rhythm that suits you, any blockade will vanish and your energy will flow freely again. With a combination of different techniques such as: meridian massage, holistic massage, reiki and polarity massage. 

*60min.....€60,-  //  90min.....€80,- 

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